Keywords = Iranian Traditional Medicine
Pathophysiology of vaginal discharge from Iranian Traditional Medicine (ITM) point of view compared with common medicine

Volume 19, Issue 37, December 2017, Pages 75-84


Pantea Shirooye; Maryam Yavari; Seyedeh Atieyeh Naiemi; Maryam Bahman; Azam Meyari; Hajar Memarzadeh Zavareh; Mojgan Tansaz; Soodabe Bioos; Razieh Nabi Meybodi

Medicinal plants proposed for nausea and vomiting of pregnancy: a review study based on Iranian traditional medicine

Volume 20, supplement, November 2017, Pages 1-8


Shahrbanoo Abdolhosseini; Roshanak Mokaberinejad; Jale Aliasl; Fatemeh Aliasl

Review on invasive and semi-invasive procedures to treat abnormal uterine bleeding in Iranian traditional medicine

Volume 20, supplement, November 2017, Pages 46-55


Alireza yargholi; Mohammad Ali Zareian; Sousan Hafizi; Roghaye Faryabi; Maliheh Tabarraei

Nutritional recommendations for patients with uterine discharge in Iranian Traditional Medicine

Volume 20, supplement, November 2017, Pages 68-77


Azam Meyari; Mojgan Tansaz; Maryam Yavari; Maryam Bahman; Hajar Memarzadeh Zavareh; Razieh Nabi Meybodi; Mehdi Biglerkhani; Seyedeh Atieh Naeimi

Application of stem cells in the treatment of reproductive disorders in men and women: review article

Volume 20, supplement, November 2017, Pages 78-96


Nazanin Rezaei; Saba Farzi; Hamid Taghinejad; Mahnaz Shafieian; Safoura Taheri

Comparison of local effects of ginger oil with oral ginger on associated symptoms of primary dysmenorrhea: randomized clinical trial

Volume 20, Issue 8, October 2017, Pages 61-69


Pantea Shirooye; Maryam Hamzeloo-Moghadam; Fataneh Hashem-Dabaghian; Roshanak Mokaberinejad

Menstrual pain explanation from Iranian traditional medicine point of view compared to contemporary medicine: A review article

Volume 19, Issue 35, December 2016, Pages 22-31


Elham Behmanesh; Razie Nabi Meybodi; Roshanak Mokaberinejad; Mojgan Tansaz; Seyyed Ali Mozaffarpour; Pantea Shirooye

Male infertility in Iranian Traditional Medicine, causes, treatment and compares it with modern medicine

Volume 18, Issue 183, February 2016, Pages 1-11


Somayeh Mahroozade1; Farnaz Sohrabvand; Soudabeh Bios; Ismaeel Nazem; Seyed Mohammad Nazari; Fataneh Hashem Dabaghyan; Maryam Taghavi Shirazi; Maryam Iranzad Asl

Infertility in Iranian Traditional Medicine from Hakim Mohammad Azam Khan point of view

Volume 18, Issue 148, May 2015, Pages 18-23


Elham Akhtari; Soudabeh Bioos; Farnaz Sohrabvand

Healthy Pregnancy in Perspective of Iranian Traditional Medicine and its Brief Comparison with Modern Medicine

Volume 17, Issue 121, November 2014, Pages 1-9


Roshanak Mokaberinejad; Mojgan Tansaz; Soodabeh Bioos; Effat Jafari Dehkordi; Elham Akhtari; Sedighe Yousefi; Monirsadat Rouhollahi; Malihe Tabarrai; Somayeh Mahroozade; Nasrin Baeiry

Review Study of Dystocia Cause in Classic Medicine and Iranian Traditional Medicine

Volume 14, Issue 3, June 2011, Pages 45-53


Kobra Khajavi Shojaei; Maryam Askari; Mohsen Naseri