Author = Hassan Rakhshandeh
The effect of Coconut oil ointment on constipation symptoms in pregnant women with hemorrhoids: A randomized clinical trial

Volume 24, Issue 6, September 2021, Pages 69-79


Elahe Jesmani; Samira Ebrahimzadeh Zagami; Seyed Reza Mazloum; Hassan Rakhshandeh

Effect of oral capsule of Ocimum basilicum leaf extract on depression in menopausal women: A randomized clinical trial

Volume 24, Issue 2, April 2021, Pages 50-58


Fatemeh Zahra Karimi; Hamideh Hosseini; Seyed Reza Mazloom; Hassan Rakhshandeh

Effect of oral rose-water on cervical ripening in primiparous women

Volume 24, Issue 1, March 2021, Pages 67-76


Sedigheh Shariat Moghani; Reihaneh Jarrahi; Maryam Moradi; Hasan Rakhshande; Jamshid Jamali; Elham Esform

Effect of Recove ointment on pain in mothers susceptible to infection of cesarean scar

Volume 23, Issue 11, January 2021, Pages 68-75


Poopak Karimi Yekta; Mahin Tafazzoli; Masoumeh Mirteimouri; Hasan Rakhshandeh; Habibollah Esmailei

Effect of Salvia Officinalis vaginal cream and clotrimazole vaginal cream on the Improvement of clinical signs of candida vaginitis in diabetic women

Volume 22, Issue 11, January 2020, Pages 56-65


Raha Pirouzmand; Mahin Tafazoli; Hasan Rakhshande; Ali Naseri; Farideh Akhlaghi; MohammadTaghi Shakeri; Mahmoud Parian

Effect of Coconut oil ointment on the symptom of Hemorrhoids in pregnant women: Randomized clinical trial

Volume 22, Issue 11, January 2020, Pages 66-74


Elahe Jesmani; Samira Ebrahimzadeh Zagami; Masoumeh Kordi; Hassan Rakhshandeh; Seyed Reza Mazloom; Nayereh Ghomian

Comparison of adherence to the diet of women with gestational diabetes under diet therapy between the groups of with and without okra powder

Volume 22, Issue 9, November 2019, Pages 45-54


Mahla Salarfard; Zahra Abedian; Seyed Reza Mazloum; Hasan Rakhshande; Farideh Akhlaghi

Effect of Purslane seed Capsule in Prevention of Postpartum after pain in Multiparous Mothers: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Volume 22, Issue 7, September 2019, Pages 47-57


Mahjoubeh Ramezani motlagh; Nahid Golmakani; Hasan Rakhshandeh; Seyed Reza Mazloum; Farideh Akhlaghi

The Effect of Hot Ginger Compress (Zingiber officinale) on the severity of breast Engorgement in Lactating Women

Volume 21, Issue 12, March 2019, Pages 77-84


Maryam Monazzami; Sedigheh Yousefzadeh; Hasan Rakhshandeh; Habibollah Esmaeili; Malihe Afiat

Effect of topical sunflower oil in preventing nosocomial infections in premature infants

Volume 21, Issue 9, November 2018, Pages 10-17


Gholamali Maamouri; Mohammad Abdolhossein Attar; Hassan Rakhshandeh; Maryam Lotfi; Maryam Zakerihamidi; Hasan Boskabadi