Keywords = Constipation
The relationship between clinical symptoms with pop-Q stage

Volume 25, Issue 7, September 2022, Pages 1-7


Zinat Ghanbari; Leila Pourali; Maryam Deldar Pesikhani; Soodabeh Darvish; Elnaz Ayati; Hasan Mehrad Majd; Atiyeh Mohammadzadeh Vatanchi; Zahra Lotfi

The effect of Coconut oil ointment on constipation symptoms in pregnant women with hemorrhoids: A randomized clinical trial

Volume 24, Issue 6, September 2021, Pages 69-79


Elahe Jesmani; Samira Ebrahimzadeh Zagami; Seyed Reza Mazloum; Hassan Rakhshandeh

A survey of prevalence of constipation and its associated factors in postmenopausal Women referred to health centers of Roudan -2015

Volume 20, Issue 7, September 2017, Pages 25-35


Kobra Kamali; Shahnaz Glian Tehrani; Mojdeh Banaei; Mansoureh Jamshidi; Shokrollah Mohseni

Effect of Sole Reflex on Pregnant Women's Constipation Severity

Volume 10, Issue 2, September 2008, Pages 27-38


Fatemeh Ghaffari; Tayebe Poor Ghaznain; Abasali Shamsalinia