Effect of Sole Reflex on Pregnant Women's Constipation Severity

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Introduction: Mental and physical physiologic changes of pregnancy effects all
the mother’s body systems consisting digestive tract. Among the digestive
problems, the most prevalent ones in pregnant women are nausea, vomiting,
heart burn, and constipation. Today, use of non–chemical and non–invasive
methods is of priority in treatment of digestive problems in pregnancy;
therefore, this research was done with the purpose of determination of effect of
sole reflexology on pregnant women's constipation severity.
Material and Methods: This research was a two–group clinical trail, performed
in 2005-2006 in health care centers of Ramsar. The sample in every group (case
and control) consisted of 50 pregnant women suffering from constipation,
selected by fitted pairs sampling method. Demographic and constipation
situation data was collected by personal properties method and questionnaire of
constipation investigation. Data wa analyzed by descriptive statistics and
frequency distribution tables, using χ
 and T- pair test.
Results: T–pair test showed the significant difference between average and
criterion deviation of constipation severity after and before of reflexology in
case group (p =0/000); in control group such difference between average and
criterion deviation of constipation severity in the begining and end of study was
not seen.
Conclusion: Regarding the fact that constipation outbreak in pregnancy and
effect of reflexology in reduction of constipation is emerging, the necessity of
reflexology as a fully and substitutly method in treatment was shown. 


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