Author = Pantea Shirooye
General temperament and uterine temperament in patients with primary dysmenorrhea

Volume 25, Issue 4, June 2022, Pages 35-42


Pantea Shirooye; Samira Adhami; Fataneh Hashem-Dabaghian; Roshanak Mokaberinejad

Pathophysiology of vaginal discharge from Iranian Traditional Medicine (ITM) point of view compared with common medicine

Volume 19, Issue 37, December 2017, Pages 75-84


Pantea Shirooye; Maryam Yavari; Seyedeh Atieyeh Naiemi; Maryam Bahman; Azam Meyari; Hajar Memarzadeh Zavareh; Mojgan Tansaz; Soodabe Bioos; Razieh Nabi Meybodi

Comparison of local effects of ginger oil with oral ginger on associated symptoms of primary dysmenorrhea: randomized clinical trial

Volume 20, Issue 8, October 2017, Pages 61-69


Pantea Shirooye; Maryam Hamzeloo-Moghadam; Fataneh Hashem-Dabaghian; Roshanak Mokaberinejad

Menstrual pain explanation from Iranian traditional medicine point of view compared to contemporary medicine: A review article

Volume 19, Issue 35, December 2016, Pages 22-31


Elham Behmanesh; Razie Nabi Meybodi; Roshanak Mokaberinejad; Mojgan Tansaz; Seyyed Ali Mozaffarpour; Pantea Shirooye

Treatment approach to leucorrhea in traditional Iranian medicine and conventional medicine

Volume 19, Issue 30, October 2016, Pages 26-36


Maryam Yavari; Pantea Shirooye; Razieh Nabi Meybodi; Azam Meyari; Maryam Bahman; seyedeh Atieh Naeimi; Hajar Memarzadeh Zavareh; Mojgan Tansaz