Author = Babazadeh, Rahele
The efficacy of the oral capsule of aqueous alcoholic extract of red onion on blood sugar of women with gestational diabetes treated with diet

Volume 26, Issue 6, August 2023, Pages 72-82


Farzaneh Salajegheh Tezerji; Roshanak Salari; Seyed Reza Mazloum; Farideh Akhlaghi; Raheleh Babazadeh

The effect of Plantago major cream on intensity of pain and episiotomy wound healing in nulliparous women

Volume 25, Issue 9, November 2022, Pages 87-95


Bahareh Baghal; Raheleh Babazadeh; Roshanak Salari; Nahid Ghanbarzadeh; Hamid Hydarian

The effect of pomegranate peel gel on orgasm and sexual satisfaction of women in reproductive age: A triple-blindŲŒ randomized, controlled clinical trial

Volume 22, Issue 7, September 2019, Pages 66-76


fatemeh mohammadzadeh; Raheleh Babazadeh; Roshanak Salari; Maliheh Afiat; Hamid Heidarian Miri

Effect of foot solar plexus reflexology on severity of nausea and vomiting at first half of pregnancy: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Volume 22, Issue 6, August 2019, Pages 54-64


Fatemeh Asadollahi; Raheleh Babazadeh; Hamid Abdi; Habibollah Esmaeily