Author = Farzaneh, Farahnaz
Pregnancy rate in two methods of fallopian tube perfusion (FSP) with standard intrauterine insemination (IUI) in infertile patients

Volume 26, Issue 4, June 2023, Pages 1-7


Saeedeh Salimi; Narjes Sargolzaei; Zahra sadat Robati; Marziyeh Ajdary; Farahnaz Farzaneh

The Relationship between Maternal Blood Group and Some Adverse Outcomes of Pregnancy

Volume 25, Issue 9, November 2022, Pages 51-58


Erfan Ayubi; Zahra Asadi Kalameh; Behnaz Mohabbatian; Atefeh Khanezaei; Farahnaz Farzaneh

The Relationship between Serum Anti Müllerian Hormone Level and Oocyte quality in In Vitro Fertilization Cycles

Volume 24, Issue 13, February 2022, Pages 35-40


Fatemeh Keikha; Saeedeh Sarhadi; Farahnaz Farzaneh; Maryam Zamani

Frequency of preterm labor in patients with cervical cerclage in Ali Ebn-e Abitaleb Hospital of Zahedan

Volume 24, Issue 11, December 2021, Pages 31-36


Shahla Mirgaloybayat; Saeedeh Sarhadi; Farahnaz Farzaneh; Fatemeh MovahhediNasab

Comparison of maternal and neonatal complications in caesarian section due to arrest of descent in pull VS push methods

Volume 21, Issue 12, March 2019, Pages 11-15


Abdollah Dehvari; Farzaneh i Rashidi Fakar; Fatemeh Afshar; Farahnaz Farzaneh

The Relationship between Uterine Leiomyoma with Premature Rupture of Membranes in Pregnant Women

Volume 22, Issue 1, March 2019, Pages 15-19


Maryam Razavi; Farzaneh Rashidi Fakari; Aref Rigi; Farahnaz Farzaneh