Comparison of Celebrex and Magnesium Sulfate in Prevention of Preterm Labor

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Introduction: The aim of this study was a comparison between celebrex and magnesium sulfate in prevention of preterm labor.
Celebrex belongs to NSAIDS group and is Specific inhibitor of cox-2 and has effect on treatment of preterm labor.
Materials & Methods: This study was performed in Hazrat Rasoul Hospital, Iran University of Medical Sciences in 1382-83. It was a clinical trial that was performed on 104 pregnant women admitted to hospital for preterm labor treatment who were in 24 – 34 gestational weeks. Case group was treated with celebrex and control group with MgSo4. Treatment was continued for 48h, and drug response was evaluated. The results were compared with t – test and Chi2.
Results: Mean duration from onset of treatment to arrest of contraction in MgSo4 treated group was lower than celebrex but not statistically significant. Frequency of preterm delivery was not significantly different between two groups.
Conclusion: Based on this study and some previous studies, celebrex and magnesium sulfate have the same efficacy on treating preterm labor. So, this drug, because of lower side effects and simple use, can be used in treating preterm labor.