ovarian Pregnancy in a Patient with Two Previous Ectopic Pregnancies

Document Type : Case report



Introduction: Although the total number of pregnancies has declined over the past three decades, the rate of ectopic pregnancies has continued to increase in most western nations and it still accounts for ten percent of all maternal death. This report is the introduction of ovarian ectopic pregnancy in a patient with recurrent ectopic pregnancy.
Case Report: The patient was a 35 year old woman (gestational age = 6 weeks) with history of 2 previous ectopic pregnancies (treated with right salpyngectomy in the first and expectant management in the second ectopic pregnancy) and presentation of hypogastric pain, , and empty uterine cavity at vaginal sonography. The patient was operated due to clinical diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy and histopathological report was ovarian pregnancy.
Conclusion: This case report confirmed that ovarian pregnancy is rare and difficult to diagnose clinically and even intraoperativly. Ovarian pregnancy can be detected early with the use of combined transvaginal sonography and serum level. The standard of care is conservative treatment in order to preserve patient’s fertility. Recurrence is exceptional and future fertility is usually preserved.


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