Author = Bahri, Narges
The effect of Achillea Millefolium teabag and capsule on the severity of primary dysmenorrhea pain - a clinical trial study

Volume 25, Issue 10, December 2022, Pages 73-80


Reza Gheysari; Iman Ghorbani Moghadam; Narjes Bahri; Mohammad Mojalli; Moosa Sajjadi

Donors’ Satisfaction with Egg Donation and Willingness to Re-donation: A Systematic Review Article

Volume 23, Issue 9, November 2021, Pages 85-94


Hanie Balochi; Fatemeh Hadizadeh Talasaz; Narjes Bahri

The effect of pregnancy nausea and vomiting control training based on Ottawa Nutrition Guidelines on marital satisfaction of pregnant women

Volume 24, Issue 8, September 2021, Pages 37-46


Kokab Basiri Moghaddam; Narges Bahri; Azamsadat Mahmoodian; Asma Forouzande

Effect of Medicinal Plants on Episiotomy Wound Healing In Iran: A Systematic Review Study

Volume 23, Issue 5, July 2020, Pages 79-94


Fariba Mardani; Fatemeh Hadizadeh- Talasaz; Narjes Bahri