Author = Haghani, Hamid
The effect of abdominal massage along with breathing techniques during labor on duration of uterine contractions in primiparous women

Volume 20, Issue 3, June 2017, Pages 1-8


Arezoo Haseli; Malihe Akbari; Leila Neisani Samani; Hamid Haghani; Fereshteh Jahdi

Comparison of the effects of acupressure and touch on the headache caused by spinal anesthesia after cesarean section

Volume 18, Issue 184, February 2016, Pages 9-19


Alice Khachian; Kiarash Saatchi; Shahrzad Aghaamoo; Hamid Haghani; Maedeh Tourdeh

Comparison of Quality of Life after Hysterectomy in Pre and Post Menopause Period in Iranian Women

Volume 13, Issue 6, January 2011, Pages 39-45


Leili Borimnejad; Fateme Mohadeth Ardebili; Faride Jozee Kabiri; Hamid Haghani

Quality of Life and Influencing Factors among Infertile Women

Volume 12, Issue 4, December 2010, Pages 30-36


Louiz Amanati; Mahlegha Allami; Sholeh Shokrabi; Hamid Haghani; Fatemeh Ramazanzade