Author = Hassani, Maryam
Explaining fear of natural childbirth and determining its related factors among primigravid women: a Mixed-Methods Study

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بیرانوند Beiranvand; Soheila Pirdadeh Beiranvand; Zahra behboodi moghaddam; maryam hassani

Prevalence of self-medication of medicinal plants in treatment of common pregnancy problems in women referred to health centers in Kashan

Volume 21, Issue 12, March 2019, Pages 28-32


Zahra Karimian; Maryam Hasani; Bahare Afshar; Hanie Lale; Raziye Abedini; Negin Mirzaie; Najme Taghian

The frequency of ovarian masses and lesions in different age categories in Khorram Abad (1381-1391)

Volume 17, Issue 126, December 2014, Pages 9-16


Maryam Hasani; Sajjad Alizadeh; Pari Bastami; Farnaz Soheyli

The Pathologic Assessment of Breast Masses, Before and After Menopause

Volume 16, Issue 68, September 2013, Pages 21-27


Farnaz Soheili; Sajjad Alizadeh; Maryam Hassani; Pari Bastami