Author = Aradmehr, Maryam
The Effects of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) on Pregnancy and Postpartum Outcomes: A Systematic Review

Volume 26, Issue 6, August 2023, Pages 114-125


Morvarid Irani; Maryam Aradmehr; Seyyedeh Adeleh Rahmanian; Sedigheh Ahmadi

The effect of Apotel and Diclofenac suppository on pain relief after cesarean section among primiparous women: A randomized double-blind clinical trial study

Volume 26, Issue 5, July 2023, Pages 71-81


Maryam Aradmehr; Marziyeh Lotfalizadeh; Morvarid Irani; Seyyedeh Adeleh Rahmanian; Mohammad Namazinia

The Effect of Medicinal Plants on Gynecological and Obstetric Hemorrhages: A Systematic Review of Clinical Trials

Volume 25, Issue 7, September 2022, Pages 113-127


Seyedeh Adeleh Rahmanian; Morvarid Irani; Maryam Aradmehr