Author = Heydari, Arezoo
The effects of topical magnesium sulfate on progression of effacement, dilatation and duration of labor in nulliparous women

Volume 22, Issue 8, October 2019, Pages 44-51


Arezoo Heydari; Nourossadat Kariman; Zahra Naeji; Farzaneh Ahmadi

The Effect Frankincense Ointment on Pain Intensity and Episiotomy Wound Healing in Primiparous Women

Volume 22, Issue 2, April 2019, Pages 42-51


Elham Laki; Shahnaz Torkzahrani; Faraz Mojab; Arezoo Heydari; Mojtaba Soltani Kermanshahi

Effect of Topical Application of Magnesium Sulfate on the Intensity of Labor Pain: Double Blind Clinical Trial

Volume 21, Issue 5, July 2018, Pages 58-65


Arezoo Heydari; Nourossadat Kariman; Zahra Naeje; Farzaneh Ahmadi